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Can I Do Embroidery On Linen Fabric? How?

Can I Do Embroidery On Linen Fabric? How?

Yes, you can do embroidery on linen fabric. In fact, linen is the perfect fabric for hand embroidery in particular because the nature of the weave allows you to put the needle and thread through easily.  

A finished piece of embroidered linen looks absolutely gorgeous. You can cut the fabric to whatever shape and size you want, embroider it, and use the finished item for just about any purpose. You can use it as a wall hanging, a long dining table runner, cushion cover or chair back. You can even embroider the bodice, sleeves or hem of your linen garment to give it a designer look. There’s no limit to the ways you can embroider and use linen fabric. Before you get started however, there are a few things you will need to consider. 

Should You Pre-Shrink Linen Before Doing Any Embroidery? 

The answer to this question is Yes and No. You know linen shrinks but whether or not you should pre-shrink linen before embroidering on it will depend on where you are planning on placing the item. 

You don’t need to pre-shrink the fabric if you are making a wall-hanging. This is because you may not wash the wall hanging so the question of post washing shrinkage doesn’t arise. Once you’re done embroidering the fabric, place it in the desired frame, hang it up and you’re done. 

If you are embroidering linen fabric to be used for any other purpose, it is a good idea to pre-shrink the fabric first. If you skip this step, the fabric may shrink after the first few washes and the embroidery can look distorted. 

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Three Things You Must Do Before You Start Embroidering On Linen

#1- Cut The Fabric To The Desired Measurements 

Working with an unnecessarily large piece of fabric can be cumbersome as you keep pushing the extra fabric aside every time you turn it. All this extra handling will also ruin the fabric and affect the finish of your embroidery. Cutting the fabric to the desired measurements before you start is the best way to prevent this. 

#2- Neaten The Edges 

Because linen has a loose weave, the unfinished edges are likely to fray and keep fraying as you work on your embroidery. To avoid this, once you’ve pre-shrunk and cut your fabric, it’s a good idea to hem the edges either by hand or with a sewing machine. If you’re using a sewing machine, make sure you set the tension correctly so the stitches don’t pucker. 

#3- Iron The Fabric

There is a considerable difference in the surface area of crumpled and ironed out linen. If you embroider crumpled fabric and then iron it out, you’ll find that the embroidered area looks wrinkled while the surrounding area looks stretched out, ruining the whole effect. 

Doing embroidery on linen fabric is immensely enjoyable and satisfying. Keeping the above tips in mind will ensure that your efforts don’t go to waste and that your embroidered linen item is something you’ll be proud to put on display. 


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