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Our Story



Our Story

Embarking on our journey in 2018 in the regional city of Coffs Harbour, nestled in New South Wales, Australia, our narrative at de Linum® is an embodiment of our profound love for pure linen. In Latin, de Linum translates to 'from flax,' encapsulating our devotion to this exquisite fabric.

Recognizing the saturation of the flax linen market with subpar options, we founded de Linum with a clear vision: to cater to ardent linen enthusiasts by offering an unwavering Commitment to Quality.

Our dedication to delivering the finest linen is a continuous pursuit that knows no rest. Over time, we've cultivated robust connections with some of the world's premier linen weavers, boasting a collective experience of 180 years in the art of linen weaving. From our partner mills, we meticulously handpick the finest linen, sharing their unparalleled craftsmanship and legacy with our customers.

At de Linum, we place a significant emphasis on affordability. Pledging to eliminate middlemen and responsibly source in smaller quantities, we pass on the resulting savings directly to our customers. We firmly believe that fair pricing is pivotal, recognizing its impact on purchase decisions and understanding that customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our business.

As a proud Australian small business, we actively contribute to our local community by providing employment opportunities. In essence, de Linum is more than a business; it is a testament to our commitment to quality, affordability, and the enduring charm of linen. Thank you for choosing de Linum as your destination for superior linen products.


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Our Linen

Our Linen fabrics are exclusively produced by our partner mill using the long flax fibres grown in France and Belgium. Our partner mill uses European Flax® certified by The European Confederation of Flax and Hemp (CELC). CELC is the only European agro-industrial organization federating all the stages of production and transformation for linen & hemp. You can read about EUROPEAN FLAX® certification here

Weaving the finest linen requires time, careful craftsmanship, experience and machinery. The scutched flax is imported from France and Belgium and is woven by our partner mill in India using traditional and modern technology. We chose our partner mill certified by CELC for number of reasons including their global recognition, certifications including GOTS, linen manufacturing expertise & capabilities, geographical location and moreover their passion to finest linen. Our assurance is authentic flax linen with superlative quality when you buy from our French Flax Linen range.


What is European Flax ® and why is it important to have the certification?


Flax grown in Europe under the strict guidelines of CELC carry European Flax® certification. The purpose of this certificate is to ultimately guarantee the origin for premium linen fibre grown in Europe to retailers and consumers.

Read some of the attributes of European Flax ® linen here;

1.Material origin and Traceability

  • 61% of consumers declared themselves ready to pay more for linen with a certified European origin*

  • European Flax® fibre is produced in Western Europe:  France, Belgium, the Netherlands

2.Respect for the environment

  • no irrigation – guaranteed 99,9% by CELC,

  • a rotation crop, with no GMO,

  • low use of fertilizer and pesticide, with no defoliant,

  • natural field retting

  • a carbon sink, storing 400 000 tons of CO2 each year

  • no waste – all the plant is used

  • fibre extraction (scutching) is 100% mechanical

3.Social responsibility and ethics

  • Fibre production in compliance with International Labour Organization rules

  • A 100% vegetal and vegan fibre

In a nutshell, EUROPEAN FLAX® is the qualitative visa of premium European linen fibre for all applications. It preserves, highlights and safeguards a uniquely European agriculture and industry, its regional origins and its inherent non-relocatable know-how.

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