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How Big is a Yard of Fabric?

How Big is a Yard of Fabric?

Imagine walking into a fabric store to purchase bolts of colourful fabrics for your project. Although you have a project in mind and know what you want to design, you need help knowing how big a yard of fabric is. 

Do you know 1 yard equals to 36 inches, 0.9144 metres, 3 feet and 91.44 in centimetres?  That is where it becomes necessary to understand the dimensions of a yard to purchase the right amount of your creative endeavour. 

 1 yard = 0.9144m = 3ft =91.44cm

So, let us discover the fascinating world of fabric measurement. Get ready to sneak peek into the world of yards, where creativity and imagination know no bounds.


Things to Consider When You Are Buying Fabric in Yards

Several aspects must be considered when purchasing fabric in the yard to ensure you do not fall short of it when completing the project. Here are a few pointers to look into.

 1. Fabric Width Varies According to the Project

The average width of fabrics varies based on the sewing project. The standard width for most fabrics varies from 45 inches to 60 inches or even more. It is thus imperative to consider the width of the fabric when calculating how much yardage you require for the project.

 2. Shrinkage

Shrinkage can affect the final dimensions of your project. Considering potential shrinkage when calculating the yardage you need is important to consider. If your fabric is too small after drying or washing, you may have to purchase extra yardage. 

 2. Pattern Matching

If your project requires a matching pattern or specific placement of prints, that may require extra yardage to accommodate that. Thus, consider the print's scale and direction when estimating the yard.

 3. Care Instructions

Pay detailed attention to the care instructions for the fabric. Some fabrics require special care, such as hand washing or dry cleaning, while others may want machine wash. Make sure you are comfortable with the fabric's care requirements, especially if you are making garments or items that will need regular cleaning.


Buying Fabric: How to Calculate the Amount of Fabric You Need in Yards?

After accurately calculating how big the yard is, the next aspect to concentrate on is the exact fabric requirement as per the pattern. Check a detailed insight of how to appropriately calculate the fabric amount.

  • List down the width of the fabric and one piece.
  • Once done, divide the fabric's width by the piece's width. It will help to understand how many pieces will fit into the fabric.
  • Now divide the total pieces required by how many will fit into it to get the total number of rows needed.
  • Later multiply it by the length of one piece and how many required inches.
  • Lastly, divide the number by 36 inches to acquire the total yard needed.

In the coming paragraph, we will elaborate more on using a conversion chart to purchase fabric by the yard.


Use a Yard Conversion Chart

An essential skill is knowing the art of converting fabric measurements. A yard conversion chart will guide you through understanding the measurements in yards, metres, centimetres and inches. In addition, the chart will help you effortlessly navigate any measurement parameter, ensuring that your fabric calculations are as precise as the stitches in your masterpiece.























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At de Linum, we make it easier for beginners and experts to get guidance on yardage. We aim to assist the beginners and experts get guidance related to creating different patterns and designs using appropriate measurements. Check out different types of linen fabric available on our website by yard, metre and roll here.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Big Is a Yard of Fabric in Inches?

36 inches

How Big Is a Half Yard of Fabric?

44 inches

How Big Is a Yard of Fabric in Feet?

3 feet

How Big Is a Quarter Yard of Fabric?


How Big Is a Yard of Fabric in Metres?

0.9144 metres

How Big Is a Yard of Fabric in CM?

91.44 cm



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