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How to Wash a Linen Tablecloth?

How to Wash a Linen Tablecloth?


How to Wash Linen Tablecloth
Detergent Mild detergent
Water Temperature Up to 90 degrees
Cycle Type    Gentle
Drying Cycle Tumble cycle
Special Treatments Gentle laundry soap, eco-friendly alternative for bleach
Iron Settings 445 Fahrenheit or 230 Celsius
How Often to Wash Once in a month

Here are the step by step instructions.

  1. Check the care label :Before washing your linen tablecloth, check the care label for any specific instructions or restrictions
  2. Shake off all debris: Remove any crumbs, dust or debris from the tablecloth by shaking it outside
  3. Pre-treat stains: If your tablecloth has any stains, then pre-treat them by applying a stain remover or a mixture of baking soda and water directly on the stain
  4. Choose a gentle detergent: Select a mild, eco-friendly detergent without any bleach or fabric softener
  5. Filling the washing machine: Wash your tablecloth in cold water on a gentle cycle. Add the detergent and let the machine fill with water before adding the tablecloth
  6. Hang to dry: After the cycle is complete, remove the tablecloth from the machine and hang it to dry outside or indoors. Avoid using a dryer or wringing the fabric as it can damage the fibers
  7. Iron it well: If necessary, iron the tablecloth on a medium heat setting while it's still slightly damp. This will help to remove any wrinkles and keep the fabric looking crisp
Washing your linen tablecloths doesn't have to be a daunting task. By following the tips and methods outlined on how to wash linen tablecloth, you can keep the linen looking fresh and new for years to come
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