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How to Wash Linen Clothes: The Last Guide You'll Ever Need

How to Wash Linen Clothes: The Last Guide You'll Ever Need

Caring for linen clothes surely needs care and guidance. Although it might seem a high-maintenance task as it is prone to wrinkling, following a proper cleaning process is necessary. Here is a detailed guide for learning how to wash linen in washing machines or dryers.

In the article, we will provide a detailed guide on how to wash linen clothing properly so they always look great and are always creased.


How often should linen clothes & sheets be washed?

Linen is a durable and breathable fabric, making it naturally resistant to dirt and odours, requiring comparatively less wash than clothes. Ideally, you can wash your linen sheets once a week or two. However, if you have a pet at your place, spreading too much pet hair on sheets, you can wash it weekly.

On the other hand, with linen clothes, you can get away with wearing them a few times before washing. But if you spill something on your clothes or notice any peculiar odour, tossing them in the laundry is best.

Also, check the care label; some linen may require special washing instructions or detergents.


How to Wash Linen Clothes in Washing Machine?

How to wash linen clothes & sheets in washing machine? : This includes following the washing instructions to removing the clothe from dryer

Are you ready to take your linen game to the next level? But first things first, let us look into how to wash linen clothes and your favourite linen items. Before you put your linen clothes for washing, ensure to follow the points below:

  1. Separate the linen according to white, dark and coloured clothes 
  2. Check the labels and read the instructions
  3. Turn the linens inside out before putting them in wash
  4. Avoid mixing different linen materials, like heavy ones, with linen clothes
  5. Load the washer correctly
  6. Select washer cycle and water temperature - Maintain a gentle machine cycle
  7. Wash the clothes in lukewarm water, i.e. mixing warm and cold water. Do not add clothes at high temperatures, which may cause shrinkage of linen and weaken it
  8. Rinse the fabrics in cold water
  9. Ensure to test the stain removal on the inside of the seam to avoid any chemical reaction. Only use diluted bleach to remove stains and whitening the clothes
  10. Avoid overloading the machine
  11. Make sure to remove the fabric from the dryer while it is still damp
  12. Complete the process by air-drying the linen


How to Wash Linen Clothes by Hand at Home?

How to Wash Linen Sheets & Clothes by Hand at Home? : This includes Filling a container with lukewarm water to the final step of ironing linen clothes.

Hand washing is another recommended method for washing linen as it will help in removing the dirt more easily. If you prefer to hand wash your linen at home, here is a detailed insight on how to wash linen sheets as well as tablecloths, shirts, etc.:

  1. Fill a container or basin with lukewarm water
  2. Add a teaspoon of mild detergent
  3. Avoid using hot water as it may lead to the shrinking of fibres
  4. Immerse the linen sheets and clothes in the water
  5. Gently swirl them around to allow the detergent penetrates the fibres
  6. Keep the linen soaked for approximately 10 to 15 minutes
  7. Gently dust out the dirt or grime with your hands
  8. Drain the soapy water and refill the container with clean water
  9. Rinse the linen items thoroughly to make sure the detergent is removed
  10. Gently press your linen items to remove excess water
  11. Avoid wringing or twisting them, as it can damage the fibres
  12. Hang the fibres in a shaded area to prevent any fading
  13. Once the linen is dry, iron them while they are still slightly damp for the best results

How To Wash Linen Bedding?

How to Wash Linen Bedding


Mild liquid detergent

Water Temperature

40 degrees, not hotter than 105 degrees

Cycle Type   

Machine’s gentle cycle

Drying Cycle

Combination of machine and air drying

Special Treatments

Warm water settings, mild liquid detergent, avoid bleach, delicate cycle for delicate fabrics

Iron Settings

Medium to hot iron on steam settings

How Often to Wash

Once every week

How to Wash Linen Duvet Cover?

  1. Check the instructions label: Before you wash a duvet linen cover, check for the instructions
  2. Remove the duvet insert: If your duvet cover has a duvet insert, remove it before washing
  3. Shake off any debris: Remove all the debris before you begin washing
  1. Pre-treat the stains: Apply a stain remover or a mixture of baking soda and water onto the stain. Keep it like that for a few minutes before washing
  2. Select the appropriate cycle type: Set the washing machine to a gentle or delicate cycle to prevent damage to the linen fibers
  3. Choose a mild detergent: Select a mildly reactive detergent without any bleach or fabric softener. Avoid using harsh detergents that can damage the fibers of the linen
  4. Use cold water: Wash the cover in cold water to prevent shrinkage or damage to the fabric. Avoid using hot water as it can cause the linen to shrink
  5. Load the washing machine: Add the duvet cover to the washing machine and let it fill the water before adding the detergent.
  6. Avoid using the spin cycle: Do not use the spin cycle as it can cause the linen to wrinkle or crease.
  7. Hang it to dry: Remove the duvet cover from the machine and hang it to dry outside or indoors. Avoid using a dryer or wringing the fabric as it can damage the fibers.
  8. Ironing: If your duvet cover is wrinkled after drying, iron it on a medium heat setting while its still slightly damp.

How To Wash Linen Shirts?

Check out how to wash linen shirts following the below instructions:
  • Turn your linen shirts inside out to prevent colour fading or damage to the outer layer.
  • When machine washing, set the machine to a gentle or delicate cycle using cool or lukewarm water. Whereas when it applies to hand washing, avoid using hot water.
  • Prevent wrinkles by gently reshaping your linen shirt while it is still damp. Alternatively, you can also hang them on a hanger to dry.
  • Avoid drying them on a clothespin or hanging it on a wire, as this can leave marks on the fabric.

    How to Wash Linen Pants?

    Check out the special instructions to keep in mind on how to wash linen pants
    • Check for any stains or spots and treat them with a stain remover
    • Thoroughly rinse your linen pants with clean water to remove any dirt or detergent, as it can leave white marks
    • Reshape your linen pants when they are slightly damp to prevent any wrinkles on drying

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Should You Wash "Dry Clean Only" Labelled Linen?

    If your linen has a "dry-clean-only" label, it is necessary to follow those instructions thoroughly to avoid damaging the fabric. However, even hand-washing the garment at home may be possible. Here are step-by-step instructions:
    • Take your linen garment to a professional dry cleaner who can clean it using appropriate methods and chemicals.
    • Ensure to inform the dry cleaner of any stains or spots on the garment so they can treat them properly.
    • Retrieve the linen garment from the dry cleaner and hang or fold them properly to avoid wrinkles.

    Drying Linen Fabric: Can you put linen in the dryer?

    Yes. Natural linen fabric can be easily tumble-dried. However, it is necessary to follow all the instructions carefully, indicating the garment's suitability. You must use medium heat to dry the linen shirts, linen clothes or beddings. Excess heat can shrink or damage the fabric.
    On the other hand, certain linen fabrics cannot be dried in a dryer. Instead, it must be dried on a sunny day on a washing line. Moreover, it is best to hang on light-coloured outdoors outside in the sun and avoid darker fabric as the light can bleach its colour.

    What temperature to wash linen clothes?

    it is advisable to wash linen in 40 degrees Celsius as linen washed in higher temperatures can lead to shrinkage of fabric.

    Can you machine wash 100% linen?

    Yes, the quality of linen will not fade and you can wash 100% linen on the machine as instructed.

    Does linen wrinkle in the wash?

    Linen clothes are prone to wrinkling, but the extent to which it wrinkles in the wash depends on the specific garment and washing method employed. If you are wondering  Why does linen wrinkle? Read more here.


    Washing your linen sheets and clothes doesn't have to be a daunting task. By following the tips and methods outlined on how to wash linen clothing, you can keep the linen looking fresh and new for years to come. de Linum understands your love for fresh and clean-looking linens. So embrace luxurious and versatile fabrics that will last for ages by checking our linen fabrics collection here.
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