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Blue Botanical Breeze Linen Blend Fabric


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A harmonious blend of nature’s tranquillity and artisanal craftsmanship, this lightweight to medium-weight linen weighing 160 GSM is a testament to timeless elegance and sustainable fashion. The fabric features a subtle plaid-type weave that adds a touch of classic sophistication, while the serene blue floral prints dance gracefully across the pure white surface, evoking the gentle sway of botanical gardens in a soft breeze.

Perfect for people who appreciate the allure of natural fibres, this ethically sourced linen is ideal for creating bespoke garments and home textiles. Its breathable quality and delightful texture make it a joy to work with, ensuring that every stitch contributes to a masterpiece of comfort and style.

Linen Fabric Details

  • Material: Linen 27% Cotton 73%
  • Weight: 160 GSM
  • Width: 155 CM
  • Dye: Piece-dyed with prints
  • Lea: 1/30s

Suitable For

  • Tops
  • Dresses
  • Shirts
  • Tunics
  • Home Textiles


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Customer Reviews

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This fabric is a dream! The white and blue are so crisp and light as to transport the wearer up into the clouds! It gets me into dreamtime just looking at it! The quality of the fabric is up to the usual high standards that De Linum fabrics always provide.


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