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Francesca Woven Shirt Sewing Pattern


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The Francesca Shirt is a button front blouse with a ruffle neck, two piece collar, long sleeves with cuffed sleeves.

Product Description

  • Button front opening
  • Front neck frill/ruffle
  • Front and back shaping darts
  • Long sleeves with cuff, darts and tucks

Fabric Suggestion

Cotton, rayon, silk or linen.


5 x 11.5 mm/18L buttons

      Fabric Estimate 

      SIZES 4-12 14-18 20-30
      Width 148 cm (58") 1.75 m (1.91 yd) 2.00 m (2.20 yd) 2.50 m (2.75 yd)

      Fuse Estimate

      SIZES 4-30
      Width 148 cm (58") 25 cm (10")


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 47 reviews
      Sharron Rawson

      Burda Style Sewing Pattern Pants

      Bob woven pants Had to redraft

      The quality of the paper was excellent.
      I don't know about the smaller sizes, but the larger ones were not like the picture. They ballooned out like crazy from the top and didn't seem drafted for the proportion changes that come with larger size. I could have put on my wig and nose, hopped on a unicycle and had a day under the big top.
      Lucky I did a test fit with calico.

      I had to do a tiny full derrière adjustment as the back crotch length was just a little shy.

      I took huge amounts out of the top and top leg to bring them back to the gentle curve in the picture that seems like it should curve out most in the mid and lower leg area. I also had to redraft the bottom leg and ankle somewhat - it was way too wide.

      It ended up being good, but the amount of work required to get them right was prodigious. I could have just drafted them from scratch to be honest, with the amount of work. I'm reluctant to try other larger sizes patterns from here now, not for me!

      Workers trousers

      I am looking forward to making these trousers, I love the style and shape of them

      Orinda Wells

      Easy to use

      Lesley Stewart
      Pattern hard copy

      Easy clear instructions to follow
      Dresses turned lovely
      Prompt delivery


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