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Kelp Green 100% Linen Fabric


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Crafted from 100% pure linen, this fabric boasts a lightweight to medium-weight drape that whispers comfort and versatility. Ideal for creating breezy top wears and relaxed silhouettes, it offers a tactile delight that complements the ease of movement. The Kelp Green hue, a subtle nod to the ocean’s depths, infuses your garments with an organic charm, perfect for the ethically conscious and eco-friendly fashion enthusiast.

Linen Fabric Details

  • Material: 100% Linen
  • Weight: 155 GSM (lightweight)
  • Width: 145 CM
  • Dye: Piece-dyed
  • Lea: 44 LEA

Suitable For

  • Tops
  • Shirts
  • Loose Dresses
  • Loose Pants


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