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How to soften linen naturally?

How to soften linen naturally?

Linen tends to wrinkle easily especially when it is new. Newly-made linen may feel crispy and stiff, however gentle usage, and few washes over time make it more soft and supple. In these days, a lot of companies either stone wash or de chemicals to make linen softer to attract customers. These techniques reduce the life span of the naturally elegant linen fabric. Stone washing and chemical softeners damage the flax fibres.

So how can we soften linen in a natural and faster way? Here are a few tips.

1. Like mentioned earlier, Washing a few times help remove the cellulose coating on new linen fibres. Always follow manufactures instruction when washing.

2. Use baking soda or vinegar. You may add ½ cup of baking soda or 1 small cup of vinegar to the wash. You can also soak linen in water mixed with vinegar. Do not overuse vinegar, use about 1 cup to 4 litres of water ratio.

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