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Legacy of Linen Fibre

Legacy of Linen Fibre

 History of linen is dated back to ancient civilisations. In fact, linen and its use has been associated with great civilisations.

In ancient Egypt, Linen was used for making elite clothing, and religious purposes. It is believed that mummies of pharaohs were wrapped in pure white linen. They must have considered linen to be the best for mummification due to its purity and longevity.

Sacred texts including Holy bible mentions about linen and it shows its historic significance. Bible has 58 mentions about pure linen.

History of Linen in Europe


Legacy of Linen fibre

Linen was considered as the symbol of purity, class and royalty during medieval times. In 16th century, the statemen from England and Ireland encouraged the growth and transformation of linen Industry that continued for centuries.

Over the centuries, the production of linen has evolved so much with the advancement of technology. These days we can get the finest, refined and pure linen in varying weights and yarn count thanks to the evolving technology.

Today, much of the world’s flax production is centred in Western Europe, stretching from Normandy in France to Belgium. It is considered that the flax grown in Western Europe is more desirable due to its inherent properties.

In Australia, de Linum, a passionate linen fabric store, supplies the finest and pure linen including super white linen woven from European Flax®.

Let the history of linen continue for the generations to come.


With love

 Team de Linum

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