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Pomona Pants in Chocolate Linen by Bri

Pomona Pants in Chocolate Linen by Bri

With de Linum's chocolate coloured 100% linen fabric on the cutting table, I knew exactly which pattern I'd choose to sew. A firm favourite and wardrobe staple, Anna Allen's Pomona Pants offer a clean, relaxed silhouette that complement this yarn dyed mid to light-weight linen perfectly. 


Upon receiving the fabric it was just as described, in fact it was the exact colour of Lindt's 90% chocolate (it would have been a tragedy not to indulge in some chocolate while working with this fabric) a deep textured brown with almost plum-like hues. 


The hand was cool and delightfully crisp, and after throwing it in the washing machine I hung it outside to dry for a few hours then at the last moment I decided to abandon all caution and toss the linen in the dryer to safeguard it against any future laundry mishaps. It came out crispy, pleasingly crinkled and was satisfying to iron, flattening out beautifully. This is the type of linen that will no doubt relax into baby softness with multiple washes.

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 I planned to hack the Pomona Pants ever so slightly by adding patch pockets from The Kirra Shorts by The Sergery. I love this pocket shape and thought it would be flattering on the wide-legged Pomona's, complimenting the relaxed, earthy vibes I was aiming for.

The Pomona Pants are a delightfully simple sew, having only 2 leg pieces (no side seams) and a grown on waistband. Because I was adding pockets I cut out my patch pockets and pocket facings, overlocking the raw edges, sewing on the facing, and pressing before top stitching the completed patch pocket pieces onto the pant leg pieces.


A quick and breezy finishing of the crotch and bum seams together and then the leg inseams, I was ready to complete the waistband. I simply folded over the waistband, pausing to add a Kylie and The Machine "Sewing Is My Jam" label of course, then top-stitched the waistband down, leaving a gap at the center back to insert the 2" elastic. After inserting the elastic and sewing it together with a zig zag stitch, I closed the opening in the waistband.

My final step was to hem the pants which I did by simply folding the hem up twice and top stitching. The way the fabric was fraying along the edges looked really cool and I went back and forth trying to decide whether or not to stitch a few lines just above the raw edges and leave the fraying, which I think would have looked really fun. The versatility of this pattern means I may do that once winter ends, if I decide to crop these Pomona's to an ankle-grazing length.


A final steamy press left me with a very pleasing garment! I enjoyed sewing up this linen, it was stable to stitch through easily and gave me no issues, it held a press really well and I can't wait for the linen to soften with wear. 


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