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Types of Linen Fabric That Will Keep Your Customers Cool

Types of Linen Fabric That Will Keep Your Customers Cool

Choosing the suitable fabric for our sewing projects can sometimes be challenging for all of us. If you choose the wrong material, you may not get an end product as you  expected. Let us suppose you have fantastic sewing ideas for  your summer collection. So, you make the sketches and turn them into a sewing pattern. Now you have to choose the fabric to turn your ideas into reality. Here we are talking about the best summer fabric of all time, Linen.

Linen is a highly breathable fabric due to its loose weave and the natural properties of flax fibres. It keeps people cooler in summer. Pure Linen is also highly absorbent and dries quickly.The moisture-wicking feature of linen makes it the perfect option for making summer clothing. 

Linen Fabric in Australia

You can buy high-quality linen from a trusted supplier who offers linen fabrics at wholesale rates in Australia. But the biggest question is, what kind of linen fabric should you choose for your summer collection? This post aims to answer that. So, continue reading to know about the 3 popular types of linen fabric that you can choose to make summer-friendly dresses.

#1 Belgian Flax Linen

Belgian Linen is made from flax grown in Belgium. Belgian linen is popular for its natural properties, quality, lustre and elegance. It is considered to be expensive due to its demand around the world.

#2 French Linen Fabric

French linen fabric is  made from flax grown in France. The country has a cool climate which is highly favourable to grow this crop. French linen fabric is environment-friendly and much like Belgian linen it is expensive due to its popularity and natural characteristics. Belgian and French linen come under the classification of European Flax® linen. EUROPEAN FLAX® is the guarantee of traceability for premium linen fibre grown in Western Europe. A natural sustainable fibre, cultivated without irrigation* and GMO free. To read more about it, please visit

#3 Japanese/ Chinese Linen

As the name suggests Japanese/ Chinese linen are made in Japan or China using  imported linen yarn or fibres made from locally grown flax . These linen are slowly gaining popularity as it is cheaper than Belgian and French linen. However, a lot of people argue that the quality of these linen is remarkably lower than European Flax® linen. The flax grown in China may not have the environmental benefits and certifications that European flax® linen is popular for.

Linen vs. Cotton

Like linen, cotton clothes have always been considered ideal for summers. But what makes linen a better fabric compared to cotton? Let's find out here.

Like linen, cotton is also a natural fibre, it comes from the cotton plant. Cotton is fluffier than linen and therefore tends to be softer. They are also breathable like linen but are less absorbent compared to linen. In addition to that growing cotton requires a lot of water, and is not pesticide free like natural linen. So, the bottom line is that cotton is quite fluffy from the start, but linen fabric is quite durable and becomes softer over time. Also, linen can claim its anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic properties which are beneficial to our delicate skin.

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